Program Details

  • Your annual subscription gives you two hard copies of the DVD series for waiting room viewing, staff training, and support group use of the program.
  • Would you like to make all or part of MindPrep™ a mandatory mental health prerequisite for surgery or revisions? Online video quizzes with automatic scoring for each video in the series will be available to you.
  • You can set up the program in three ways, from the simplest way to options that will require changes to your website. It's your choice.

Other Added Benefits

Connie as a Guest Speaker — Connie will come to your practice for an Annual Program Celebration or patient/staff event for the cost of travel only, once per year as schedule allows. These informative and inspirational programs are a great way every year to let your patients celebrate their success with you or to offer patients and/or staff helpful insight into recovery from obesity.

Weekly Food Addiction Facebook Live and Regular Podcasts — Connie has a free Wednesday evening live online event dealing with Food Addiction and also participates in other podcasts and free events throughout the year that are very helpful for keeping patients on track.

Book Discounts — Mind Prep Subscribers will be able to purchase bulk orders of any of Dr. Stapleton's books, (Eat It Up! The Complete Mind/Body/Spirit Guide to a Full Life After Weight Loss Surgery, Eat It Up! The Workbook, Weight Loss Surgery Does NOT Treat Food Addiction, Thriving! Triumph over Trauma. Real Life Stories of Recovery from Obesity) at 40% off retail price with free shipping. Dr. Stapleton's books make a perfect patient welcome bag addition to set your patients on the right track as they begin their WLS journey, as an addition to your book store, or as a gift to attendees at your patient events.