Program Setup Using Patient Welcome Letter

This is the simplest way to start using MindPrep™ for your program. It will take the least amount of time and is recommended particularly during a 60-day trial, but may also be used to quickly get the help your patients need with their emotional Recovery from Obesity.

Program Setup

We will give you a patient welcome letter with an overview of MindPrep and the link and password to your personalized web page so patients can login and view any video at their convenience.

Making MindPrep Mandatory

Online video quizzes with automatic scoring for each video in the series are linked on your web landing page. The landing page link to video quizzes also contains very detailed directions for the patient to be able to take the quizzes. Quizzes are set to require a passing grade of 70%. You will need to decide which videos, if any, you want to make mandatory.

Using MindPrep for Aftercare

Save your support group leader or allied health professional’s time by using selected videos of MindPrep for support group, aftercare workshops or annual events.

MindPrep as a Promotional Tool

You will be given a promotional document that contains a brief explanation of MindPrep and the link below that you can include in any marketing materials you have. You can also use the link and information from that letter to add MindPrep to your website wherever you currently have marketing materials for prospective patients.

Items We Supply

  1. MindPrep image file
  2. Patient Welcome Letter (final version)
  3. Quiz scoring instructions
  4. MindPrep promotional document
  5. Hard copy DVDs of MindPrep (2)

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