Pre-Surgical Videos

Video 1 — WLS is Like a Wedding

In this video, the similarities between marriage and weight loss surgery are presented, with focus on reasons people make verbal commitments to healthy behaviors but are sometimes unable to follow through with them. Patients are informed that throughout the video series they will be provided with the “how-to's” of successful behavioral follow-through on their verbal commitments. They are also presented with ideas and “homework” to help ensure sustained weight loss and improved health – the goals they set out to accomplish by having weight loss surgery.

Video 2 — Understanding Your Obesity

Patients are often uninformed about the facts and complexities of obesity. In this video, the causes of obesity are briefly explained. Patients are encouraged to recognize those things over which they have no influence in relation to their obesity (such as their genetic inheritance) and, more importantly, to determine which things they can exert more control over in order to maintain a healthy weight for life, as well as specific ideas for doing so.

Video 3 — Your Relationship With Food

People have a relationship with food, much like they have relationships with other people. In this video patients are encouraged to evaluate their emotional relationship with food and determine how they would like to improve that relationship. Tips on learning how to go about developing a healthier relationship with food are presented.

Video 4 — Emotional and Mental Health Issues and WLS

Patients often have co-morbid mental health issues. In this video, relevant data on mental health issues and obese patients is presented. Also discussed is information about alcohol and other addictive substances and behaviors as it relates to weight loss surgery. Patients are encouraged to obtain professional help to treat mental health issues in order to maximize their potential for long-term success following weight loss surgery.

Video 5 — The Gotta Do 'Ems for Success

In this video, adhering to specific healthy behaviors in order to sustain weight loss and to improve quality of life is stressed. Specific “Gotta Do 'Ems” are delineated and explained.

Post-Surgical Videos

Video 1 — Adjusting to Your New Life

Patients are often overwhelmed by the physical and emotional changes that take place in their lives following weight loss surgery. Being aware of, and having ideas for coping with these changes, helps people successfully adjust to these inevitabilities in healthy ways.

Video 2 — Dealing With Emotions

Many times patients find themselves experiencing intense emotions for many months following weight loss surgery. In this video, these experiences are explained and normalized. Suggestions for healthy ways to deal with these emotional experiences are provided.

Video 3 — Changes in Personal Relationships

Nearly every personal relationship in a patient's life changes to some degree after weight loss surgery. The information in this video makes understanding and working through these relationship changes less surprising and easier to deal with.

Video 4 — Preventing Weight Regain and Addressing Body Image

Most post-ops have a serious concern about weight regain. In spite of the pre-surgical intentions patients have of following through with making healthy food and behavioral choices and integrating exercise into their daily lives, the reality of establishing such good habits is difficult. In this video, patients are provided information on how to get back on track and how to stay on track.

Video 5 — The Importance of Aftercare

All too often, patients have their surgery and, other than following up with the surgeon a time or two, are not seen or heard from by the WLS community again. In this video, patients are encouraged to remain involved with support groups, to participate in exercise, to maintain supportive relationships with others who have had weight loss surgery, and to attend individual or group counseling if needed.