“Finding Dr. Stapleton has been a wonderful addition to our comprehensive support we offer our patients. From her book Eat It Up!, which we carry in our office, to her MindPrep video series, which we encourage all of our patients to watch both before and after surgery, she provides a much needed specialization for weight loss surgery patients. Her addictionology model fits the social and psychological education that our surgeon, Dr. George Merriman, teaches his patients. We have been thrilled to finally have an additional resource to help our patients throughout their journey.”

— Katy Merriman, Practice Administrator

“We constantly hear that obesity is a chronic disease…Operations work well for the first year or so, but the body adapts, and the mind returns to its old habits. That is why we start to see weight regain, a return of depression and a turn to alcoholism at this later stage. The best way to prevent it is preparation. But so few of us clinicians have the time to tell patients everything they need to be aware of. This is where the MindPrep online video sessions step in. The pre-op videos make patients aware of things they may never have thought of, opening up their minds to the need to being doing some brain work. The post-op videos then encourage people to continue this in their own timing. Patients reach the realization that the operation hasn't cured them at different times- but they will always have access to the videos to guide them, encourage them, and lead them back to doing the next right thing. Connie guides in a firm but fair manner, showing understanding, but telling it like it is. I will be ensuring that all my patients have access to MindPrep.”

— Dr. David Schroeder MBChB FRACSr

“MindPrep is an excellent program for weight loss surgery patients, both pre- and post-op. The topics discussed in each video are legitimate concerns patients face when considering weight loss surgery and even once they have had surgery. Patients are very receptive to the videos. I show the 1st pre-op video in class quarterly then have a discussion about the content. The internet based videos allow patients to view them at their convenience. They can use the time to really reflect on the information presented without feeling like they've been 'put on the spot' or even lied to a behavioral health professional. The videos also allow family members to become involved and better understand what exactly the patient is going through. I appreciate how blunt and straight forward Dr. Stapleton can be, since weight loss surgery isn't something to be taken lightly. MindPrep is a must-have for any bariatric surgery program!”

— Amanda Hoon, MS, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian

“Dr. Stapleton's no-nonsense approach to the subject matter in Mind Prep is a refreshing change from typical (boring) pre-op presentations. Her firm-but-fair style is engaging and accessible and she does a great job of holding patients accountable for their own recovery. I wish I'd had access to something like this when I was a new post-op, because I'm confident I'd have been better equipped to make sense of my strange new thoughts, feelings and behaviors. I believe Mind Prep is a treasure for anyone who has had or is considering having WLS.”

— Gastric Bypass Post-Op

“I watched Mind Prep as a post-op and was blown away. Everything in it resonated with me. I had lived it, felt it and experienced it. The only regret I had was that Mind Prep wasn't available in New Zealand prior to my having surgery. This is a program I would recommend to ALL bariatric patients. While there is no 'one size fits all,' we all have similarities in our journeys and this is the kind of information/support that you do not want to miss out on.”

— LapBand Post-Op